WebORB for PHP Release History

WebORB for PHP is a solid integration solution, backed by a dedicated U.S.-based commercial company that has invested in the creation and on-going development of its WebORB products since 2003.  The following information describes the various updates, bug fixes, patches and new functionality provided with each new release.

Please visit the Midnight Coders Bug Tracking System to learn more about any new functionality or the issues currently being raised and addressed by members of our community and development team.

2008 Release History

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WebORB 3.5.0 - 09.15.08

  • Introduced support for WebORB Data Management for Flex (WDMF)  View Screencast
  • Added support for Silverlight to PHP connectivity
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WebORB 3.0.0 - 04.30.08

  • Improved service browser with lazy structure loading
  • PHP classes that do not pass validation are shown with a warning sign in the service browser (you can get error info just by moving mouse over)
  • Support for Flex Messaging. Flex Producer clients now can publish messages to destinations and Flex Consumer clients can receive all published messages from the subscribed destinations
  • New examples (chat, file upload, custom security, XML serialization)
  • Flex destination management in console (you can create new destinations, set channels and assign user roles)
  • PureMVC code generator for any selected PHP class
  • Improved plain AS3 code generation
  • Added support for downloading generated code in a ZIP file
  • Performance improvements

2007 Release History

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WebORB 2.0.2 - 07.25.07

Fixed deserialization of complex types sent from Flash/Flex to PHP

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WebORB 2.0 - 07.06.07

  • Added the following features:
    • Management console
    • Service and method browser
    • AS3/AS2 Code generator
    • Invocation test drive
    • Graphical configuration of class and method level security
    • Variety of remoting examples
    • Support for array and ArrayObject serialization
  • Fixed serialization of the DateTime data type
  • Fixed WebORB serialization for arrays with the same data (previously serialized as a single reference)/
  • Fixed security restrictions implementation

2006 Release History

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WebORB 1.3.2 - 11.21.06

  • Fixed bug causing objects to be serialized as arrays
  • Added support for ByteArray serialialization
  • Fixed server-side class mapping processing. Previously client/server class mappings in WebORB config file were not properly processed
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WebORB 1.3.1 - 11.07.06

  • Added numerous performance improvements. Server-side performance is now about the same as with with AMFPHP
  • Changed <? to <?php in the header in IAuthenticationHandler.php and Credentials.php
  • Changed Weborb/Util/DateTime.php to Weborb/Util/ORBDateTime.php to avoid conflict with the new DateTime class introduced in PHP5.2
  • Fixed all the compatibility errors caused by changes in PHP5.2
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WebORB 1.3.0 - 10.30.06

  • Added support for Flex client-side security API (RemoteObject.setCredentials and RemoteObject.logout)
  • Implemented pluggable server-side security
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WebORB 1.2.0 - 09.28.06

  • Added support for platform independent path resolution. WebORB now uses DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
  • Added support for user-driven Flex destination source. Flex applications can configure RemoteObject instances to use GenericDestination and set the 'source' field to contain PHP classname as shown below (thanks to Renaun Erickson for figuring out how to do this):

         remoteObject = new RemoteObject();
         remoteObject.destination = "GenericDestination";
         // YourPHPClassName.PHP must be deployed in the /Services folder
         remoteObject.source = "YourPHPClassName";
         remoteObject.helloWorld.addEventListener("result", helloWorldResult);
  • Added WebOrbServicesPath constant to simplify service class dependency resolution. Service classes can load other class using the following format:

    require_once( WebOrbServicesPath . "foo/bar/MyClass.php");
    // where foo/bar/MyClass.php is deployed into the /Services/foo/bar folder
  • Fixed complex type serialization bug preventing objects with non-public fields from being properly serialized to the client.
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WebORB 1.1.0 - 09.11.06

  • Added support for multiple logging channels
  • Fixed client/server type mappings
  • Replaced HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA with php://input
  • Fixed warnings caused by allow_call_time_pass_reference = Off. Now the setting can be On or Off
  • Added support for database result serialization for AMF0 and AMF3 clients
  • Added a test for database result serialization (/Services/weborb/tests/DatabaseTestMySql.php). northwind.sql must be ran to set up the database.
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WebORB 1.0.0 - 09.01.06

  • Flex RPC support (AMF3) 
  • Support for Flex's declarative service deployment model (services declared via remoting-config.xml)
  • Flash Remoting support (AMF0)
  • Automatic conversion between Flex and PHP data types for argument and return values
  • Support for primitive values, strings, dates, complex types and arrays