WebORB for Rails Release History

WebORB for Rails is a solid integration solution, backed by a dedicated U.S.-based commercial company that has invested in the creation and on-going development of its WebORB products since 2003.  The following information describes the various updates, bug fixes, patches and new functionality provided with each new releas

Please visit the Midnight Coders Bug Tracking System to learn more about any new functionality or the issues currently being raised and addressed by members of our community and development team.

2006 Release History

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WebORB 1.1.1 - 12.12.06

Added support for 'Reloadable' in service classes so that changes are reloaded when in development mode.

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WebORB 1.1.0 - 11.30.06

  • added support for basic security including handling RemoteObject.setCredentials; use the simple WebORB security system by adding the appropriate configuration to the security and acl sections of weborb-config.xml; to use your own authentication system provide a class that implements a "check_credentials( userid, password )" method and add that class to the the security/authenticationHandler section of weborb-config.xml.
  • added a Log.error call if there is an error during service processing.
  • removed 'include REML' method call from configuration code
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WebORB 1.0.9 - 11.03.06

  • added ability to map ActiveRecord instances to type classes on the client (tagged with [RemoteClass])
  • added support for invoking class methods (instead of only object instance methods)
  • added support for invoking "dynamic" active record class methods via method_missing
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WebORB 1.0.5 - 09.11.06

Added support for single table inheritance of active record models.

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WebORB 1.0.4 - 09.07.06

Added support for externalizable client-side objects.

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WebORB 1.0.3 - 09.06.06

Added support for serializing associations of active record models.

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WebORB 1.0.2 - 08.23.06

Fixed a bug with null value deserialization. Complex types with fields set to nill were not properly deserialized.

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WebORB 1.0.1 - 08.23.06

  • Exception serialization support. Exceptions thrown from user classes serialized as Flex/Flash fault messages.
  • Modified endpoint URL used by Flex applications to be relative (/weborb). The change simplifies deployment as Flex clients can connect to WebORB regardless of the context path of the hosting Rails application.
  • Added more content to README
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WebORB 1.0 - 08.21.06

  • Flex RPC support (AMF3) 
  • Support for Flex's declarative service deployment model (services declared via remoting-config.xml)
  • Flash Remoting support (AMF0)
  • Automatic conversion between Flex and Ruby data types for argument and return values
  • Support for primitive values, strings, dates, complex types and arrays