Running an RIA with Confidence

Developing and testing an RIA can be a complex process spanning many months, all of which have led to the most important and exciting date - the launching of that RIA into production.   Given the investment of time and resources put into the RIA creation, it is important to consider not only the on-going maintenance of that RIA, but also the roadmap for integrating new features and functionality.  Running with a stable and reliable runtime platform that not only scales as your business grows, but also provides expansion choices makes good business sense.

Introducing WebORB Enterprise Edition

WebORB Enterprise Edition is the most reliable, scalable, flexible and secure runtime platform for running RIAs.  It has been tested thoroughly and certified for performance and scalability and is "plug-in ready" for expansion options.  Additional features and benefits Enterprise Edition customers can expect when running an RIA include:

Certified Products

WebORB Enterprise Edition provides both performance and scalability certifications to give you the peace of mind and predictability you need as you grow your web business. Learn More>>

Business Critical Support

You've worked hard to create your RIA and now you are ready to share it with your circle of influence, which can sometimes be the entire Web world.  Having a support team at your disposal when you need it makes good business sense. Learn More>>

Performance Monitoring

The exciting features of an RIA are visually present on the presentation (user interface) side, but what is not visible can sure be valuable to both IT and business line managers.   WebORB is an analytics gateway right out of the box and is "plug-in ready" to accept higher level applications, such as RIA Analytics. As an analytics gateway, WebORB Enterprise Edition provides server-side performance metrics.  Learn More>>


WebORB Enterprise Edition provides robust capabilities right out of the box and Midnight Coders is committed to continually innovating and expanding on the successful and reliable platform that developers from around the world have come to enjoy and create upon.  All expansions are based upon demand, so make your wishes known.  Our first expansion pack is the WebORB PDF Generator.  Learn More>>

Enterprise Edition Licensing

Contact Us to learn about our Enterprise pricing and deployment options.  We have pricing and licensing terms to meet almost any budget and deployment need.