Product Support

Midnight Coders, Inc. is a US-based company that provides three levels of support to developers who are using WebORB to build the most creative and award-winning applications the world over. These levels of support include:


  If you are just getting started with our products, but have not yet made a decision about whether or not you will use our products, you can submit requests for information and help in the Developer Forum.  

  If you are actively developing with WebORB, you can receive support through either the Developer Forum or Midnight Coders Help Desk. The Developer Forum provides support from the Community and is not guaranteed. The Midnight Coders Help Desk provides commercial support that has response time guarantees. Contact Us if you need commercial support.  

  When you are ready to launch your application into production, we recommend that you launch with commercial support. Enterprise Edition comes with commercial support.  Contact Us to inquire about Production Support.